Participation Symposium NWO Synergy 2020

Participation Symposium NWO Synergy 2020

On the 6th of February 2020, Dr Judith Rietjens, Prof. Agnes van der Heide, Mr. drs. Liselotte Postma and Dr Anouk Overbeek will organise a parallel session at the NWO Synergy 2020 symposium. This symposium focuses on SSH research (Social Sciences & Humanities) and more specifically on the relationship between researchers in this field and the connection between science and society. 

The title of the parallel session is „The Changing Face of Medicine“. The content of the session is as follows: 
How would the ideal nonprofessional patient (self)support system look like, for whom and under what circumstances can it be beneficial, how can it complement and be integrated with formal healthcare systems? Are there any risks involved, e.g. groups of patients that will ‘miss the boat’ as some of these novel models of care may include the use of digital technology?  Workable solutions for our current public health challenges and answers to the questions stated above have until now not sufficiently arisen from within the classic evidence based medicine literature. This may partly be because generating such solutions would require a fundamental change in perspective, and the introduction of new ideas and methodologies from disciplines beyond its doctrine. This workshop approaches these questions from a social sciences point of view, including psychological, ethical, and legal reflections.

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